A Father’s Day Dedication by the megsmesh team

A Father’s Day Dedication by the megsmesh team

Our fathers, our comforting arm, our anchor, our inspiration and most of all our ultimate hero.  Happy Father’s Day to all you brave daddy heroes out there!

lynmegan (1)

My dad has always been a guiding hand on my shoulder and a true cheerleader in everything  I do. One of the many sweetest moments  was on my wedding day. I was so cautious about tripping over my wedding dress but my dad guided me through the walk to the altar and whispered “Don’t worry, I got you, girl”, holding on to my hands with great certainty. I felt on top of the world, knowing that my dad will always have my back no matter what. The man has taught me the power of independence, sense of reliability and to walk the walk and talk the talk. Thank you for constantly believing in what I want to do in life and for supporting every decision in my life. You are my ultimate hero. I love you daddy. Happy Father’s Day.

Daddy has always been my pillar of strength and the person I look up to with utmost respect and admiration. Thanks for always believing in us, in our dreams and for being a motivator. Thanks for your guidance, for teaching me the true meaning of independence and for shaping me to become who I am today. Most of all, thanks for always putting us first and never failing to provide us with the best.

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Happy Father’s Day to my papa! I’m glad to always be your favourite birthday present (yes, dad and I share the same birthday 😉  Thank you for being strict on us during our younger days and teaching us about the right decisions in life. We are proud to have you as our daddy because of your strength and tenacity.

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I am my father’s daughter in many ways. We both enjoy a cheeky roadside cendol, we love swimming and even got our scuba diving license together. But if nothing else, I will always follow in his footsteps of being hardworking and having a positive outlook in life. He taught me that getting experience any way you can is the best way to learn, even if all you’re learning is that you’ll never want to do it again! Thank you for the unwavering support and Happy Father’s Day, Papa. I love you!

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Daddy, thank you for always being there for me throughout my life while also providing me with absolutely everything I need (or rather want). Thanks for allowing me to fall while watching over me from a distance, and for helping me get up when I needed it. I love you and will always be your little girl!

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A love note to Heaven:

Facebook recently came up with a share your memories feature and this morning it showed me a picture I posted of my dad on father’s day in 2015 with  a caption that reads – “so grateful for a good weekend with you around. Happy Father’s day again. You have given us only the best”. Just like that tears rolled down my cheek. I asked myself, if I had a chance to wish him this year what would it be…so here’s my little love note to my Dad in heaven above.Thank you for being the best and for always making sure we had the best!! You will always continue to be a powerful influence in my life…Remembering you is easy but missing you seems to be a heartache I will never be able to heal. Till we meet again Dad. Blowing kisses your way. Happy Father’s Day. Love you forever.


“I am a princess not because I have a prince, but because my father is a king”- Anonymous.

Thanks Daddy, for protecting me from harm; for constantly pushing me to think out of the box; for fuelling my courage to pursue my goals in life; for being patient and understanding during my low days; and most importantly, for believing in me and accepting the person I am. Happy Father’s Day!

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