Is Your First Love Your Forever Love?

Is Your First Love Your Forever Love?

The fever of first love hits everyone with a blush of bursting emotions. Butterflies fluttering in your tummy, the heart thumping and the sweaty palms.

I remember the first time I fell in love, my heart clings to the feeling like forever, no matter how much tears have fallen, no matter what anyone tells you, the feeling never leaves your soul.

Let us go on a journey on a few stages you may feel when you are in love for the first time.

The Euphoric Feeling

That moment in time where you have the world in your hands. You constantly feel like you’re on top of the world, screaming with happy vibes. The euphoric state gets through your blood and vein every second, every minute and every hour. It’s as though you are incapable of feeling sad.

The Highest Sense of Commitment

Every living moment has consumed your energy, focus and time because you want to be at your best, and at the best of your commitment. At this point, everything else that doesn’t encourage this depth of love you commit yourself to, is a rude intrusion.

The Brand New Awkward Feeling

You’ll start thinking of him and the feeling is awkward to you because you never thought you could feel this way for someone. You wake up thinking of him and before you go to bed, you think of him. He is in your thoughts 24/7. Most of all, you crave being around him all the time. I know right, clingy much?

The Endangered Feeling

This is the part where you feel a tad insecure because things aren’t always fine and dandy throughout the deep loving notion. The first argument, moment of discomfort, twists and turns between you two will make you vulnerable and lost. At this stage, it’s like every breath taking experience you create goes to dust. Don’t sweat it, arguments happened, nothing is perfect. Tackle it with an open heart, calm soul and clear mind.

You will never forget your first love, there is always something extraordinary about first love. However your first love may not transpire to be the forever love you yearn for. Fret not, just move along and follow your heart. Let love unfold in its natural way and don’t let it control your entire life. You define your own happiness.

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