How To Survive Backpacking With Your Besties

How To Survive Backpacking With Your Besties

We love our long hours chatting with our girlfriends but can we spend weeks with them? Backpacking through Europe can put even the best of friends at odds so here’s a few tips to have a great holiday and come out with your friendship stronger than ever.


1. Align your expectations – To some, a good holiday is reading at a quaint cafe, while others want to blitz through all the iconic sights. Be upfront with your girlfriends about what you want to get out of the trip so that no one leaves disappointed.


2. Be considerate – The whole point of the trip is to enjoy each others’ company. So try to accommodate everyone’s suggestions, be it hiking in the Lake District or Segway-ing down alleys in Rome. Who knows, you might enjoy it more than you thought you would.


3. It’s okay to go at it alone – Occasionally, we independent women can’t reach a group consensus. If that happens, don’t fret or get upset! We’re entitled to our individual preferences so just agree to do your separate things and meet up again later.


4. Split costs, not hairs – Apps, like Tricount, are a great way to manage group expenses. If you log each cost, the app tells you exactly how much each person is owed and by whom. Handy, huh?


5. Take care of each other – Finally, and most importantly, look out for one another and watch each other’s backs (and bags). More eyes make for safer traveling and a fun holiday.

Done right, traveling with your girlfriends can be the best trips you’ll make. Enjoy the experience and make memories you’ll talk about for years to come.

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Stay tuned for more on backpacking in Europe with your girlfriends! 😉

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