I GOT THIS: A collaboration with adidas

I GOT THIS: A collaboration with adidas

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@iemegan), you’d know that I’ve been involved with an adidas campaign known as “I GOT THIS” and have also recently tried out a new pair of running shoes designed by women for women called PureBOOST X by adidas.


However, if you have no idea what I’m on about, allow me to bring you up to speed. Just a little backstory, adidas was one of the few brands that believed in me since day one of my career and has supported me since.

Most people look at my petite physique and think that I’m blessed to have this body without having to do much. Fine, there is some truth to that. I am blessed with quite a high metabolic rate and a petite frame that I inherit from my mom (thanks mom), but it doesn’t mean that I can maintain this figure without lifting a finger. I don’t go on a diet, I eat whatever I want but in moderation and I work out!


I’m not as fit as I hope to be yet, but I’ve never felt better since I started working out which was right after high school. Confession: I don’t like working out but I love how it makes me feel after. I know most of you can relate.


Now, back to the campaign. I’m truly honoured to be a part of it, though I’m no fitness junkie and I don’t have the abs to show for but one thing’s for sure, I’m motivated to get where I want to be; fit and healthy. I’m not going to lie, the journey to getting there can be quite a struggle but it’s not impossible (least that’s what I’ve been told and seen). You have to clock in the time and effort, but more importantly, you need the right kind of mindset and a positive attitude. True enough, you gotta keep telling yourself “I GOT THIS!”


Believe it or not, those three simple but powerful words kept me going throughout my workout sessions especially when I was at the verge of giving up and even during the recent PureBOOST X Night Run. And of course, the PureBOOST X running shoes, which really gave me more energy than usual as I’d normally feel fainty after a 4km run (yes, I’m weak sauce) but this time around, I was A-okay.

Verdict: the PureBOOST X running shoes were very light and bouncy. I didn’t have to worry about the way I landed on my feet despite the uneven ground because the shoes hugged them really well. I ran without socks because it was recommended to do so and despite sweating so much, I came back with no stinky feet. Yay! But if you’re gonna run for long periods of time, I’d suggest that you wear a pair of socks for comfort (because the friction at the back due to its high cut may cause a little discomfort). Well, that’s just me. How about you take it for a run and be the judge?Here’s what post-run looks like (cos I was too focused to be taking any videos during the run)! See if you can spot some familiar faces.


photos via adidasMY and Jon Teo

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