Lead Role In Upcoming CNY Telemovie

Lead Role In Upcoming CNY Telemovie

Roll Camera and Action!

It’s been two years since I’ve heard those words on set (read about my acting gigs here) and I’m happy that I got the opportunity to act again recently.

Remember Semangat Kuda directed by Dato’ T.S. Jeffrey? Well, the same director got me on board for yet another Chinese New Year telemovie but this time, I had the honour of playing the lead role. My character’s name was May Ling, an ambitious graduate who had dreams of running her own business. And like most life journeys, she faced several rejections, struggles and disapprovals along the way. Not gonna offer any spoilers but do watch it (aptly titled Ayam Jaguh for the year of the rooster) when it comes out to see if she fails or succeeds. Will keep you posted once it’s out on RTM. (follow me on instagram for updates)

After two years of being out of the acting circuit, you must wonder if I still got it? I have to be honest, acting doesn’t come naturally to me. It’s not like a switch of a button where I can just push ON and boom, I’m in character! It takes awhile for me to build an understanding of my character, my feelings, chemistry and relationships with the other characters but at the end of the day, it boils down to sincerity and honesty. I’m glad that I managed to find those things while playing my character. Someone once told me acting is not about acting, it’s about being. Every action, movement, tone of voice, facial expression are backed up by intention. I hold that advice close to my heart every time I act.

Acting still fascinates me till this day as so much thought process goes into every scene: jumping from one scene to another (not chronologically), feeling different emotions (happy, sad and angry all in a day!) I would say the most challenging part of it all is forming a real connection with a complete stranger who’s playing your mother or your lover or your best friend. I had the privilege of working with a seasoned actor, Zoee Tan and a model turned actor, Soo. I’ll let you be the judge if our connection was real when the telemovie comes out.

IMG_9876 (1)

On a separate note, word has it that the movie Antara Satu (my previous acting gig) is coming out in July with a different title. We’ll just keep our fingers crossed for now till we get solid confirmation.


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