5 Hairstyling Ideas + Giveaway!

5 Hairstyling Ideas + Giveaway!

The beauty of having long locks is the ability to style it in more ways than one. The curse comes when deciding on a hairstyle for an ocassion. True, the easiest way out is to grab a curler and let it work its magic or simply pull your hair into a bun. But for those of you wanting to step out of your comfort zone, here are some ideas.

1. The Vintage Glam – Time to channel your inner Jessica Alba or Blake Lively cos they’ve both done it! No doubt this is sort of a blast from the past but don’t worry about looking too old. This style is elegant, sophisticated and gives you a touch of glamour without looking over the top. Plus, it’s perfect for those who may be a little self-conscious about having your hair all tied back.

2. The Braid – Introduce the braid into your up-do or have it braided down. Either way works depending on which look you’re going for. Having it all tied up gives you a more classic, elegant look while the latter gives you a cleaner and sleeker look. But what both can achieve is a touch of playfulness and femininity.

3. The High Poney – Like the braid, this can be done in two ways: curled or straightened. The curled poney will give you a fresh and feminine look while the straightened poney comes across as stronger and edgier. But one thing’s for sure; they’ll both stand out! Tip: give it a little back comb to make it a bouncy poney.

4. The Low Poney – On the contrary, if you’re concerned about looking too young or sporty then opt for a low poney instead. Ensure that the front is neatly slicked back. You can keep it simple by tying it with a band and then covering the band with your hair by going around it or give it a little more character, as shown in the picture.

5. The Half  – If you’re looking for something subtle yet feminine, try tying your hair in half with a twist. Get the beach wave to go along with it. The beach wave shouldn’t be limited to just the beach or casual outfits because it gives you an effortlessly sultry and sexy look.

Each style is very much dependant on your entire getup and the overall look you’re hoping to achieve. If you need any advice at all or if you simply want to know which hairstyle goes best with your outfit, drop us a line below.

Also, we are running our first giveaway! (only applicable if you’re Malaysian though, sorry!) These hairstyles would not have been possible without hair maven, Philex Chin of Peekaboo Malaysia and together with Peekaboo, we’re giving away a free hairstyling session at Peekaboo TTDI by Philex worth RM100 for 3 lucky winners!

All you have to do is tell us your favorite hairstyle from the ones listed above and why in the comment section below. Best 3 answers win and will be contacted via email at the end of May 26th 2016!



  • Ruba

    Without a doubt, it’s The Half. It shows off the beauty of the tresses with those soft beach waves. Plus the way the half twist folds in, gives it that hint of elegance. Absolutely in love with it!

  • Mabeline

    I like The Vintage Glam the most as this hairstyle makes the person look very classy and sophisticated. This hairstyle is unique and will definitely attract attention!

  • Thila chandran

    Super love the half. You can wear it on any occasion be it for work, a night out with your friends and over the weekend. The way the hair is twisted in gives the hair more volume too. It’s my favorite any time! 😉

  • charlotte

    vintage glam! i love the old hollywood glamour and it’s the closest to looking like an on-screen bombshell. but most of all cuz even my grandmama loves it. score!

  • Chaw Siew Ling

    My favourite hairstyle is definitely the Half! Half-up styles combine the best of both (hair) worlds,whether its polished “done” vibe on the top or the feminine sexy hair at the bottom.
    It looks sophisticated yet minimal.
    And the best part is that they nicely balance spaghetti-straps, tanks, strapless tops, and dresses; clothes which we commonly wear all year round in the summer which is suitable in Malaysia!

  • Qian

    Vintage Glam and The Braid are both of my favorites!

    Love the retro glamour and definitely once-of-a kind!okay i can only choose one:D The Up-braid especially – is elegant and yet feminine looking! always wish to learn when i see girl/ woman who are carrying braided hairstyles.To me, a Braid is a beautiful art and will instantly brighten up one’s look!

  • Yen Mei

    Personally, I really like the high poney hairstyle. It really brings out the class in a lady with hair high up like that. Can be used for any occasion which makes it a plus point. Nevertheless, all hairstyles will look good on all ladies if they’re loving themselves right 🙂

  • Yvonne Goh

    My favorite is definitely the half! I love how it looks classy & feminine from the front and yet looking effortless from the back with those beachy waves that fits the Malaysian ‘summer’ weather! I like having my hair down but sometimes find that it gets in the way when I’m working or out having fun, which is why ‘The Half’ is definitely the perfect fit for all modern day ladies!

  • Rachell

    Thanks for sharing the helpful and insporing ideas for hairstyling. Among the few hairstyles, the half is the one I adore most as it’s gorgeous yet simple. The layering of the hair differentiate it from the normal half hairstyles. Plus, it can easily matches with any outfits or occasions. And the soft curves added textures to the boring straight hair.

  • Tracey

    Definitely the high poney! 😉 Simple looking yet it brings out the elegance & confidence in a girl, one of the good-to-go hairstyles that fits most occasions!

  • Serene

    My favourite would be no. 5 The half. Low profile yet classy feeling. A tidy messed that makes one feel comfortable and relaxed.

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