Life is a fruitbowl of inspiring adventures and challenge — some are too enriching to be kept; others, too fantastic to be experienced alone.

megsmesh.com is where the best of these experiences come together; presenting the modern women of today a comfy and personalized online hub to undo their hair to; while arming themselves with life hacks, beauty/health tips, gastronomical guides and enough inspiration to take off and pursue new life goals.

Founded by two sisters, Megan Tan and Lyn Tan Fernandez, megsmesh was born with the belief that beauty is more than what meets the eye; it’s of the mind and soul too.

Together with a band of fabulous like-minded friends, megsmesh is designed to inject some positivity while inspiring today’s women of ambition.

So whether you’re in need of a quick getaway, unsure which dress best fits the weekend’s night out or merely in need of a little pick me up — we hope you’ll count on us.

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