Battling Cancer at 25

Battling Cancer at 25

Cancer statistics are on the rise, yet many of us are still unaware of this disease and remain indifferent about this serious illness. Personally, the big-C has always been something that I am familiar with since a very young age.

I lost my grandparents to cancer before I was even born and did not even get to have a glimpse of them. However, my first real experience of losing someone I care about to cancer was during my godfather’s fight against nose cancer, which eventually defeated him. I can still remember bits and pieces of his struggles in his final days. Despite me being a kid, I was allowed to be present for all the funeral arrangements and service following his departure because of our relationship. My only regret is that I did not have the chance to grow up with him in my life having watch others share a close bond with their godparents. It was sad for me back then but I only truly grasped the meaning of his death many years later when I was older and finally understood how our lives are so precious.

This is why I have always been extremely supportive of any charities and efforts be it to raise awareness on cancer or just to contribute to patients including their caretakers. I am a big fan of the runs organized by our National Cancer Council or commonly known as MAKNA (Majlis Kanser Nasional) as I believe this is a simple way of how I can do something for those who are fighting against cancer in our very own nation. For those of you who do not know what you can do to support the battle against cancer, simply look out for the next run (just go for the fun run category of a 3km or a maximum of 5km run, which is a breeze in the park especially if you are doing it with your family and friends!)


Recently, my best friend, Staci, who I have known since university broke the news of her colorectal (colon) cancer to us (she is only turning 25 this month and colon cancer is most common in people over the age of 50). I was torn apart and heartbroken but I knew, she is going to be able to put up a strong fight in her battle against this stage 3 cancer as she has such a strong personality, which a lot of us have always admired and looked up to (even strangers are inspired by her strength!). Staci is extremely likeable because of her bubbly self despite being a super nerd who is also active in many activities since her schooling days, throughout our time in university, and even during her work life now.

You would think that she is slowing down now but this girl is still going to work in between her chemotherapy sessions and is continuing to #sharestrength to inspire others, including myself along the journey of her battle against the big-C via her blog, which chronicles her fight against colon cancer.

For example, I did not know much about donating via World Vision but was enlightened by her personal experience to give back to society,(read more) and decided to also join along by donating a farm animal (it may be chicks or a baby goat!) as a gift of hope to her.

She also took some time off to film a video on cancer awareness sponsored by AXA Affin #AXAstandsuptocancer to raise funds for National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM), (read more), in which every share of the video or blog post equals to a RM1 donation from AXA to NCSM for their Cancer Information System to help patients, survivors, and caretakers of their loved ones with cancer.

It only takes a few minutes of your time to check out the links above and share the video or blog post to play your part to combat cancer in our country. In light of recent statistics and alarmingly high medical cost these days, please do protect yourselves by ensuring that your insurance policy is extensive and sufficient especially in terms of critical illnesses coverage as we never know who, when, where or how the big-C may hit our lives.

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