Life After The 8TV Quickie

Life After The 8TV Quickie

Have you ever loved something so much that the thought of losing it scares you? That’s exactly how I feel about hosting. When I landed my first TV gig, I was beyond ecstatic! It was a dream come true for me but I didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself, so I looked at it as a hobby. I was also still in uni back then and was already self-sustaining thus it was great that this hobby of mine paid for my expenses! Little did I know; things took off better than I had hoped. As a result, I ended up wanting to do this for the rest of my life. The dream turned into a hobby, which then turned into a career and now, my lifelong passion. Here comes the scary part. Losing it. As a TV host, you will never know when or what your next gig or TV appearance is going to be. If you’re a freelancer, I’m sure you get me.


Therefore imagine my fear when I decided to leave the 8TV Quickie. The next part is what I would call the epitome of good things happen when you least expect it. And when an opportunity comes knocking on your door, get your butt up and answer it! My lucky stars (network of people) pointed me in the right direction. There was a new channel in town called Go ASEAN (Astro Channel 737) and they were auditioning! Optimistic, I dropped my CV, got called in for an audition and next thing you know, I was chosen as one of the hosts for their flagship show called Go Travel.




My fear has now been overcome by a sense of joy, relief (I’m not gonna lie) and excitement for what’s to come. Go Travel involves the hosts traveling (duh) to different parts of ASEAN countries, bringing you some of the best and most interesting sights, sounds and tastes. You will be equipped with everything you need to know about traveling, be inspired to travel and learn more about this side of the world; South East Asia. Being an ASEAN focused travel channel, means a great potential for me to learn, discover and expand my career. Next step, regional baby! I am super stoked. It definitely serves as a brand new challenge for me to host in a not so localized manner (no more “Lahs” and such). I am certainly looking forward to the many places I will be checking out and people I will be meeting. I can’t wait to share these experiences with you but in the meantime, you can catch the show every Monday at 9pm. It is also available on GoAsean’s youtube channel if you’re not a TV person, that is.


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