How To Work Smart In Style

How To Work Smart In Style

It’s the first day of work in 2016! Brand new year, brand new possibilities and of course brand new looks to take on your job with style.

Looking chic and stylish at work isn’t a crime. It’s the best time to play with fashion and feel good with all your master pieces. When you feel and look good, you rock and excel with your work. Believe it!

Let’s embrace some of these looks that will keep us chic and empowered from our desks to the board room.  These work chic pieces are simply applicable in majority of work places.

The Blazer Gazer – A blazer is nothing short of amazing. It fits right into your everyday professional settings at work. It pairs really well with almost anything you own in your closet, from your crisp white shirts, to your dresses and if you decide to wear a slightly sheer top, layer it with your blazer to bring out that professional look. If you’re a daredevil, and have a bold eye for style, your blazer and pants can be a matching suit.

The Pop of Colour Remix – A pop of colour is an instant mood filter for you and people around you. It expresses vibrant synergy  and displays visual dynamism. The golden rule of getting your pop of colour on is to make sure your colours are compatible. If you are unsure, try incorporating small doses through a staple piece like a solid white crisp top, with a pair of neon shoes, through the accent of accessories or any black piece of clothing. As everyone knows, black goes with everything! Get colourful and spread happiness around you!

The Classy Midi Dress – The classic midi dress is so work appropriate. It is comfortable and chic at the same time. There are various designs, from form fitting silhouette to the fit and flare. It is so accessible and easy to style. All you have to do is put on a belt to accentuate that waistline of yours. Give it a go, you will love being this classy.

The Staple Tapered Leg Pants – Any woman in the workforce will tell you the straight leg pants is a must-have. This snug and loose fit wonder is flattering for any leg shapes and length. Styling this piece of item is also pretty hassle free. You can never go wrong with fabrics that are paper thin,anything that moves along the wind to give it the relaxed look. Also, the boxy top works perfectly well with the tapered pants too, giving your upper body a symmetrical structure.

The Pencil Skirt – The pencil skirt should be made mandatory in the work wear closet. This hip hugging piece goes really well with your staple crisp white shirt,a sweater top and you can even top it with your blazer. The various play of colours and prints give you that extra boost in style. No matter what your career path is, a teacher, a CEO, a doctor, a Fashion Editor and so forth, every woman will be able to rock the coveted pencil skirt. Stock it up!

The Shift it Right – Shift dresses are really fuss free. They are your wardrobe essential. The way you do your hair makes a difference in your look. For a professional image, put it up in a pony or sock bun. Your shoes and how you accessorize also provide the extra edge to your shift dress. When in doubt, put on your pumps. If you are not someone who accessorize, letting the shift flow works its own magic. Style it to your heart’s content.

Work get ups can be exciting too. No matter what your profession may be, looking good gives you the extra lift in confidence. Style doesn’t discriminate. Let us know how you will style your work outfits! We’d wanna be inspired by you too.

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