What It Means To Be A Woman Of This Century

What It Means To Be A Woman Of This Century

While researching on International Womens’ Day, I came across many interesting articles, all of which shared a common fact that lifted my spirit and left a wide smile on my face. Studies show how women have been fighting for their rights since the early 20th century through labour movements. Imagine these women coming out and risking their lives, in hope of a brighter future for people like you and me.

That’s a powerful force for change that really should continue to rise.

International Women’s Day has been acknowledged for over a 100 years and the United Nations first declared it in 1975.

These heroines sacrificed their lives and stood up for what was right so that someday women across the globe would have organizational support to voice out their concerns about domestic violence, access to education, and equal rights in politics, the workplace or at home. Their actions in the past have had profound impact to my independence today.

As a woman living in Kuala Lumpur, I am grateful to have been raised by parents who gave me the freedom to make choices in the main areas of my life such as choosing my own educational path, career and even marriage. However I do realize that many women today still don’t have the advantages that I continue to have.

Today, I want you to take a moment to honour all the phenomenal women in your life.

For me, that phenonenal woman is my sister. She is a single mum who lost her husband to heart disease just when a life started to bloom in her. Losing her husband after 5 years of marriage while carrying their first child was tough on her, both emotionally and physically.

Although it was a difficult journey, she was grateful for the support from family and friends as it gave her the courage to look ahead and that in itself made a huge positive difference. I witnessed how every act of kindness enriched her life.

Today, my nephew is a beautiful and confident 2 year-old while my sister has built for herself a reputation as a good teacher and a professional in her other field of interests.

Let us be grateful for the positive battle that began a century ago and not be complacent for the opportunities that have come our way thanks to the great work of those early pioneers. The future has to be better.

At every sunrise, as I flip through the papers or watch the news, the safety of women and violence against women continue to be of major concern.

For starters, why not show your support through International Women’s Day 2016 Pledge for Parity and do your bit to help empower other women here

As women, we need to stop competing and start taking care of one another. Stand up for each other. It’s time to reach out and offer support to a woman you know, who may need it. You could be helping change her life for the better.

“And that is how change happens, one gesture, one person, one moment at a time” by Libba Bray


  • Daseena

    Another amazing article. Thanks for such write up. Sure to have boosted my day.

    • bavani Veeriah

      Thank you so much Daseena for your kind words. Hope you enjoy our other articles in this website as well.

  • Yazmeen

    Great article! I can’t agree more – we women can empower ourselves without tearing other women down. ” Other women are not your competition”

    • bavani Veeriah

      Thank you for your feedback Yazmeen. We really really appreciate it. The ending to my article was definitely a team effort with the founders of this website. 😉 #weempoweroneanother #grateful

  • Noelle

    So beautifully written

    • bavani Veeriah

      Thank you for taking the time to read this Noelle. I really appreciate it. Hugs .

  • Atika Bunel

    Women need to stop viewing other women as competition. You got that right, honey! We don’t need criticism from one another but support and together we can all enjoy a better future for ourselves and our children

  • bavani Veeriah

    Thank you so much Atika. Really appreciate you taking the time to read this. We rise by lifting others. The ending of the article was a #teameffort with the founders of this website. #weempoweroneanother#grateful

  • Ratnadevi manokaran

    I think you did a great job writing but also being completely courageous to share your sisters story!

  • Bhaskaran s Nair

    Its a very touching article. Thank you Bavani.

  • Meeta Bhar

    Bavani, its a story of two sisters who truly love and care for each other. You have been your sister’s pillar. She is so blessed to have you there getting hrr through really trying times.

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