Megan Tan

Megan Tan is a TV Personality, host, entrepreneur and most importantly, life enthusiast. She began her career as a TV host for a daily entertainment talk show, 8TV Quickie back in 2010 and hasn’t stopped since. Her lifestyle and profession have opened plenty of opportunities to meet amazing people, discover hidden gems, and experience little adventures in her everyday life. Whilst she values her privacy, there is a part of her that yearns to inspire. That’s how megsmesh came to be where she plays the role of curator and editor in chief.

Lyn Tan

Lyn has marked her milestones in the fashion merchandising and retail industry for 5 years, having garnered work experience as an assistant buyer and buyer for Malaysia’s household names like Bata and Vincci. She has a strong passion for fashion and hopes to spread the feel of fun, positivity and inspiration to her fellow women out there. A strong believer in all things positive, learning, growing and being the best you that you can be. Let her experimental and expressive personality shine on you through megsmesh.

Jern Yap

Jern and Megan are kindred spirits through their shared love of positive inspiration, coffee & cake and pursuing the road less travelled. Jern’s diverse career covers advertising, innovation and consulting across Australia and the UK. Currently in London, she’s exploring the European side of the globe and loves nothing better than sharing the best places, foods and travel tips with megsmesh readers. Ever the practical optimist, she believes that life is all about what we make out of the opportunities before us. Through her varied and eclectic life experiences, she hopes to inspire readers to be strong, kind and relentless in pursuing their dreams.

Aster Jin

Aster got a 2-year head start on her career in sportswear & lifestyle merchandising. It was just a matter of time before she latched onto the idea that she wanted to do something true to her roots and passion — that is media and communication. So there she is now, hustling with all things animated in an indie creative studio named Two People Studio. Infatuated with the beauty world (just like many girls!), Aster finds it awe-inspiring that the rise of Internet technology has immensely jazzed up the industry in the best way possible. She hopes to inspire and contribute to the beauty space with megsmesh, where all beautiful individuals gather up, discovering fresh and pretty things together.

Alicia Mun

Besties since they were 10, Allie and Megan spent their childhood growing up together with a few other awesome girlfriends as they both went to the same schools and even ended up in the same university. Currently a banker by profession specializing in cards, Allie also has working experience in journalism via her freelance stints in various newspapers. This foodie loves spending her weekends checking out the hip cafés in town for a good cup of flat white or hiking up one of the many beautiful trails around the city. She also enjoys catching up on the latest movie or relaxing with a good book during her free time. Allie definitely misses writing (who likes churning out boring numbers all day at work, right?) so she is ecstatic to be a part of megsmesh, which allows her to kick start her writing again by sharing snippets of her thoughts with you!

Cheryl Yew

Megan and Cheryl have been the best of friends since high school and have ever since walked through this bumpy journey called life together. Cheryl has had experience in banking and consulting, but a few things that are not on her resume are her love for animals (especially corgis), arts and crafts and baking. She hopes to share a thing or two with fellow megsmesh readers whose interests may be aligned with hers! She believes in continuous learning (whatever it may be – even making kites, or simple ways to decorate your home during Christmas) and hopes that megsmesh will be a platform for people to seek new knowledge, explore ideas and let their creativity flow.

Bavani Veeriah

Bavani met Megan through Lyn and they clicked instantly. Bavani worked in a Business Radio station in Malaysia called BFM for 6 years. One of her greatest strengths is the ability to look at things in a positive light. She has a strong passion for writing but never had the confidence to do so. Today with the help of many amazing people in her life, she wants to spread her real life experiences to share and remind megsmesh readers that they are all unique individuals. Bavani strongly believes in bringing her own sunshine no matter where she goes, regardless of how stormy the weather gets. 😉