One Last Quickie!

One Last Quickie!

30th June 2015 marked my final show on the 8TV Quickie. If you have been following my career since Day One, you would know that the show is what I consider to be, “my big break”. Back in 2010, I had won the first ever Quickie search, resulting in the first plain Jane to score a hosting gig amongst hundreds of applicants. I remember my audition day like it was just yesterday. From filling up the form, to taking a number, to waiting in line anxiously for hours til my number was called out to finally entering that small room where I plonked myself on the couch next to Belinda Chee. A few weeks later, I got a call saying I was shortlisted, and one assignment, mock run and live show after, I landed the job. As the saying goes, the rest is history. Undoubtedly, that was the turning point of my life for it was the beginning of my career or more precisely, my dream job.

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Five and a half years in, I have graduated! The show has been such a great learning ground for me. It gave me the flexibility and opportunity to develop my own style of hosting, seeing as how it was live and unscripted. Being so raw and uncertain at the time, I looked up to my seniors and industry experts a lot, seeking advice, feedback and learning as much as I could from them. I was hungry! (still am). I was eager to jump at every shoot or assignment no matter the cost so I could practise and hone my hosting skills. Practice for me pre-Quickie meant standing in front of a mirror, pretending I was some kind of a VJ (it was the beginning of the MTV and Channel V era then). This time around with Quickie, I got to practise in front of an actual camera! I wasn’t going to let any opportunity slip by. Looking back, I am thankful for every challenge and adventure the show has thrown at me (like the time I had to travel to London all by myself to interview the cast of Harry Potter and I was only given 5 minutes per interview!) Not forgetting, the kind souls that I have met along the way who were more than willing to share their knowledge and expertise with me. I am eternally grateful.

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Also, to you reading this right now. Because it means that you care enough. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to live out my dream through your faith and support. If you ask me right now how I feel, having left the show, I wouldn’t know how to put it into exact words but the closest to sum it all up would be that I feel equipped.

The show has set the path for numerous successful hosts like Marion Caunter, Adam Caruthers, Julie Woon, Prem Shanker and Zher Peen, just to name a few. I hope it would do the same for me as I embark on a new journey.



Photos by Jon Teo


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