Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult

Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult


Jodi Picoult’s My Sister’s Keeper proved to be better on screen than on the pages. But we decided to give this author another shot for it was listed as one of the best-selling authors at a recent book sale. This book changed our mind about Picoult.

Leaving Time is an engaging story which gets you hooked right from the start and you’ll find yourself finishing the book in no time.

Jenna Metcalf is a teenager driven to search for her mother, Alice, who has been missing for the past decade following a tragic accident in the elephant sanctuary owned by their family. The mysterious disappearance of her mother, a scientist dedicated to studying elephants, has set Jenna off on her quest for truth. Along her journey, she meets a has-been celebrity psychic, Serenity Jones, who previously found fame for finding many missing persons, and worn-out private investigator, Virgil Stanhope, the ex-police detective who was handling the case on Jenna’s mother.

As they work together in their desperate attempt to discover what truly happened to Alice all those years ago and left Jenna feeling abandoned without her mother’s love for most of her life, this odd team uncovers the strange truth of this entire mystery, which results in a powerful ending.

Picoult has creatively included fascinating bits and pieces of information on elephants as part of this story which makes this book that much more interesting. The focus on a mother-daughter relationship as the essence of this tale is also inspiring as compared with the usual take on romance for most chick lit titles.


A good book is one that keeps you flipping the pages without realizing that you’ve actually reached the final chapter. Currently reading the fourth Picoult novel, we finally understand why her work has garnered such a huge following worldwide. Leaving Time is definitely an easy read that’s worth your time.


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