The Ultimate Springtime Must Do List in Japan

The Ultimate Springtime Must Do List in Japan

I know I’ve touched on Japan (read all about my experience in Chiba here) but this time around, not only did I visit parts of Japan I’ve never visited before, I got to do it with a bunch of the craziest girls I know (whom I love to death) and it was a pure holiday! No shoots whatsoever. Oh, except on my own digital camera and in my own time! Although there were quite a number of epic moments during the trip but I’ve managed to narrow it down to these 5 (trust me, it wasn’t easy!)

1. Feeding the deer at Nara Park


If you’ve ever fed kangaroos in Australia, this experience would be quite similar to that. Like the kangaroos, the deer were free to roam around and you were free to do the same as you feed them. Except that the deer were not in a zoo and they were more aggressive than the kangaroos. When I say aggressive, I don’t mean that they’d bite but if you were holding onto biscuits (which you can purchase from the stalls around the park), they’d sniff you out and would not hesistate to demand for some by nudging you! It was still quite an experience though plus the park was huge and beautiful.

2. Indulging in the glorious food




Japan has never failed me when it comes to its gastronomical offers. This trip comprised of more than just amazing sashimi, delicious sushi and crispy tempura but I’m talking about full on kaiseki meals fit for royalty, scrumptious meal in true omakase style, mouth-watering kobe beef, fresh snow crabs and who knew tofu could taste so good? This may come as a surprise having listed all those food but I must add that Japan’s egg sandwich is the bomb! The next time you’re there, step into a mart and grab one. It would be the tastiest and fluffiest e gg sandwich you’ve ever had!

3. Taking a dip in the Onsen


Submerging my body into the hot pool of natural onsen while enjoying the cool breeze and staring at the night sky has got to be one of the most relaxing experiences ever! Especially after a long day of walking and exploring, it was great to be able to soak our selves in the pool, which was supposedly great for our skin too. It also brought our friendship to a whole new level as we had to strip down completely (please get your head out of the gutter) and was only permitted a small towel (big enough to only cover your face and fyi, should not touch the water).

4. Cycling around Himeji



If you ever get a chance to visit Himeji, you have to rent a bicycle (bonus: it’s absolutely free!) at the tourist centre, cycle around the park, perhaps stop for a picnic and visit the castle. It may get a little crowded in Spring only because the weather is absolutely perfect to be outdoors but it’s well worth it. You’d also spot a lot of dog walkers and dogs in Japan are exceptionally fluffy like their egg sandwich!

5. Absorbing the beauty of Japan in Spring



Needless to say, spring in Japan meant sakura season. And yes, they were beautiful like the photos and postcards, in fact, better! Only your eyes would be able to capture the true beauty of the blooming sakura. The falling petals due to windblows and how they accumulated in the water were an even more beautiful sight. Also, we hiked up Yoshino Mountain (don’t worry, there are proper pathways, no hiking shoes needed, just comfy ones) and there, we were greeted by a breathtaking panoramic view of nature (with sakura, of course!). Tip: do take note of the blooming dates though because sakura season differs in different parts of Japan.

If you need more info or would like to share some of your favourite moments in Japan, do leave a comment below! 🙂


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