You Are Beautiful

You Are Beautiful

The past couple of months, people have been congratulating me for my weight loss. Truth be told, I did lose some weight, but it was a journey tougher than add math in school. I am not about to share any miracle diet plans or extensive body workout tips since you can find tons of articles on that on the net.

The hardest part is not commonly discussed: the challenges faced beyond exercising and eating well. This is me sharing my personal healthy journey.


1. The thing I found most difficult adjusting to was learning to say NO to some of my friends and relatives. I had to prioritize and be more selective with the type of outing I wanted to join in. I made sure I chose the ones I could have quality conversations over a salad and hung out with friends that did not judge me for not sipping on mojitos all night long. Often, some of us may have been guilty for participating in parties, events and gatherings in order to conform to social expectations. I believe the art of saying no to the things that do not contribute to our well being applies in all aspects of our life. Don’t drain your energy just to please others. Honestly, I have not mastered it but I have improved immensely.


2. Make it a cool trend to bring your own food to work. I started preparing my own food and shared them with my colleagues. They were so inspired by it and that kept me motivated. Eventually some of us started exchanging recipes. Be proud of every capsicum or chicken breast that you have made because the effort in itself makes it even more delicious. (*wink).


3. Don’t feel guilty cheating on your non cheat day. You may have had an ice- cream on a sunny afternoon or indulged in a long bar of chocolate or sipped more than a glass of wine. Don’t regret what has been done. It’s okay! Yes, the guilt is inevitable. I know I felt bad treating myself to a large banana leaf rice recently, but I asked myself if I was happy at that point of time and the answer was YES. So if you have cheated on your non-cheat day, relax, don’t be too hard on yourself and start again tomorrow. Trust me, it’s never too late as long as you learn to enjoy the present moment because you will never get it back again.

4. Learn to accept compliments. When people say you look great, just say thank you and know that you deserve it.

5. Be your own greatest motivation. Every one of us including myself will have low days and when you do, you must remind yourself of what you’re worth. What I normally do is, as soon I wake up, I start my day with positive thoughts and thank the universe for yet another beautiful day with great things lined up. No matter the outcome, believe that every part of your day is contributing to a much greater story in your life. You will feel better when you can foresee the bigger picture so don’t stop believing, working and holding on to your dreams.

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6. Work out however style you want boldly without letting anyone judge you even if they look funny. I went for a jog recently near my condo and my friend thought I went for a slow walk. I swear, it felt like I was running with my lungs being used at its highest capacity. Don’t worry, we’re still friends. What I am trying to say is be you no matter where you are and be comfortable with it.

So, there you have it – my continuing journey to a healthier, happier me! Whatever stage you are at on your weight loss journey, just remember that I’m cheering you on all the way.


Images Source: Jon Teo, Bavani, Megan and Yvonne Sim


  • Radhika

    Bavani, you were looking great then, and greater now. Stay positive always as how you’ve always been coz your spreading that positivity everywhere you go! Cheers sis!

  • shirlene fernz

    You are always a beauty in my eyes….you can change in any way and you will still be that beautiful person i know….. you see….the sun shine is within you. And that is what touches each of us that know the beautiful person you are. If you are happy…i’m happier for you. God bless you my beautiful friend 🙂

  • Linda

    Congratulations to your achievements. You look great. It’s beyond looking great but able to prove that you can do it and makes you a stronger person 🙂

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