5 Youtube Beauty Gurus You Should Be Watching

5 Youtube Beauty Gurus You Should Be Watching

It is no longer an enigma that the sensational rise of the cosmetic industry in the past years has all the YouTube beauty gurus to thank for. Makeup tutorials, beauty hauls, lip swatches, beauty recommendations and the list goes on. Talk about major influence on consumers’ purchasing decisions and behaviours! Don’t get us wrong; we’re not complaining – in actual fact we’re thankful to be blessed with this endless stream of inspiration of makeup looks, and heaps of tips and tricks on how we can play around with makeup! Without a doubt, YouTube is definitely making makeup ten times more fun now!

Handpicked by megsmesh, here’s a roundup of 5 of the best beauty gurus on YouTube today that are worth your subscription and will absolutely spice up your makeup game!


1. KathleenLights 

In just a span of 3 years, Kathleen Fuentes rocketed to fame with over 3 million subscribers today. What’s absolutely amazing about Kathleen is how she sets herself apart from the rest with her humility and genuinity. If you ever need an honest and truthful review on a beauty product, you can always count on her for that. She also keeps it real with beautifully wearable looks that are perfect for both daytime and nighttime, which makes the YouTube darling incredibly relatable to her viewers.

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Kathleen’s first ever collaboration project: ColourPop Lumiere Lippie Stix


2. Pony Makeup

If you’re a dedicated K-beauty junkie, chances are Pony Makeup is no stranger to you. Park Hye Min, better known as Pony, is a Korean celebrity makeup artist when she isn’t hustling in front of the camera as a YouTube sensation. Don’t let her ulzzang beauty fool you just yet – prior to fame, she had a desk job as a graphic designer, which explains her dreamy taste in aesthetics! In March 2016, she took the Internet by storm with a video of her Taylor Swift transformation work. This girl has got some out-of-the-world skills that could easily transform herself into just about anyone.

Recommended video: Taylor Swift Transformation Makeup

Pony’s eyeshadow quad: PONY EFFECT Conceptual Eyes Quad #Be Romantic


3. JkissaMakeup 

Jkissa is not your ordinary makeup guru. Known for her eccentric makeup looks, Jkissa never fails to surprise you with her creation of unique, one-of-a-kind yet extremely wearable looks. Every intro of her video allows you to get to know her a little bit more as she quirkily names one random thing she loves. Growing up, Jkissa was often bullied by her peers for her unconventional facial features; it was her very first encounter with makeup that helped her walk out of her depression and low self-esteem. With that, Jkissa made it her mission to help all girls find their beauty through makeup.

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Jkissa’s favourite eyeshadow palette: Kat Von D Beauty Metal Matte Palette


4. ThatGirlShaeXo 

Looking for your daily dose of bubbliness? Shae Marie is your go-to gal! Upbeat, vivacious and high-spirited, Shae has attracted over 300k subbies (or better known as Shaebutters) with her infectious personality. Besides frequently rocking all varieties of grungy glam looks, she does in-depth live swatches on her channel which come in handy when you’re torn between that pinky red or that reddish pink shade, because don’t we all need that little ease of decision-making when it comes to purchasing lipsticks? Oh, and doesn’t she just give off that Jessie J vibe? We’re totally living for that!

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Shae’s all-time favourite lip colour: ColourPop ‘Are N Be’ Ultra Matte Lip


5. James Charles 

If you thought makeup was just for ladies, think again! Because James Charles is here to change the game. At only 17, James became CoverGirl’s first EVER cover boy and has garnered over 1.3 million loyal followers on Instagram. On his YouTube channel, James does tons of funky, surreal makeup looks that will fuel you with all kinds of inspiration! This ethereal being will get you hooked on his channel in just a hot minute.


James’ favourite mascara: Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara

Image Sources: Google and Beauty Guru’s Instagram

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