How To Keep Yourself Motivated

How To Keep Yourself Motivated

While I love what I do immensely, like most people, I question my direction from time to time. Am I on the right path? Is this the right career choice for me? Am I being too ambitious? Am I putting in enough time and effort? Am I even good enough? How can I be better? If these questions sound familiar to you, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I must admit, there are times when these thoughts get me so down to the point where I’d be on the verge of giving up! And while they keep me up at night, I don’t necessarily view it as a negative thing to overthink. It’s completely normal to doubt yourself  because that’s what makes us human, keeps us grounded and that’s how we continue to learn and grow. It’s good to keep yourself in check as long as you don’t let the flames burn out.

No matter what you’re pursuing in life, it’s important to keep the fire burning! That hunger and drive in you must never fizzle out. It may be dim at times, but always find a way to ignite the flame again and burn brighter. One way to do that is to find what motivates you. Talk to someone with the right mindset, similar wavelength, and possesses a go-getter attitude. The energy from that person could easily rub off on you!

We’re lucky to be in a generation where information is readily available and since it’s so accessible, make full use of it. Search for success stories, inspirations, people who are on similar paths as you. Watch them. Read about them. Learn from them. Get inspired by them.

Remind yourself why you started in the first place. Dig deep and rediscover your sense of purpose. Especially for those of us pursuing our passion that’s a little more unconventional, think back to what solid reasoning drove you to start down this path. If it was good enough then to get you started, it will be good enough now.

Lift your mood by doing the things you love and activities that make you happy. You may have all the support in the world and the right tools to succeed but at the end of the day, a positive mind and attitude are most essential to keep you going, to continue to strive for what you believe in and to chase after your dreams.

I hope this gives you the right push to persevere as it did for me! And remember, it’s perfectly fine to question yourself once in a while.

Take it from one of our all-time favourite (and clearly very wise) stars, Joseph Gordon-Levitt,

“Why am I doing the work I’m doing? Why am I friends with this person? Am I living the best life I possibly can?

Questions are often looked upon as questions of doubt but I don’t see it that way at all. I question things to stay present, to make sure I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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