The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks

The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks

Here’s a fun fact: Nicholas Sparks is one awesome male author who has published 19 romance novels to date, with 11 of them being adapted into films (that’s quite a feat!)

Source: VanityFair


All die-hard romantics have most definitely come across The Notebook be it the movie or the book at some point in time (I personally know of a few guys who had openly admitted to reading the book after watching the movie!). It is such a classic yet touching love story by the best-selling author, Nicholas Sparks.

Many of his works have been adapted into top-rated films equally brilliant as his writings. Having been a loyal fan since my teenage years, I was excited that another of his book, The Longest Ride, had hit the cinemas last year. Go check out the movie first (which features Scott Eastwood as its macho lead) if you wanna skip out on the book but I bet you’d be picking up the book at the store soon after.

The Longest Ride focuses on the journeys of two very different couples who somehow find their lives colliding in the strangest ways.

Ira Levinson is old, sick and lonely but he survives by hanging on to his memories of Ruth, his wife who had passed away a long time ago. He spends his days reliving the stories of their lifetime together which makes us readers yearn to be able to experience a great love like that too.

On the flipside, Luke is a daring and tough cowboy whose very own life is about to change forever as he meets Sophia, a young ambitious college girl with a big passion for art. Follow their ups and downs as they fall deeply in love with each other despite uncertainties in their future together.

Be prepared to get extremely attached to find out what happens as both stories unfold separately but also connecting together with a surprising twist at the end.

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