Trends We Love In 2015

Trends We Love In 2015

With countless ground breaking trends all through 2015, we’ve picked out our personal favourites that made the biggest impact to us.  Let’s get trendy!

Black & White

The combination speaks for itself and the two colour contrast never goes out of style. The sharp contrasting we are head over heels with, creates a bold statement effortlessly. Black and white compliments well with various textures, patterns and silhouettes. It is an absolute staple and it can do no wrong.



The secret in finding the best pair of culottes for you is all in the length. The most flattering pairs end at the skinniest part of your legs. Our eyes are set to the culottes trend for its comfortable yet chic appeal. Pairing them up with blazers, crop tops, tees and button downs works wonders.


High waisted pants

Everyone has got to love this trend.  The most essential reason we are drawn to the high waisted element is pretty solid, it makes you look slimmer with a teensy mid section and your legs look lean and lengthy. Isn’t that a bona fide winner for every girl?


Statement skirts

Whether it is fit and flouncy skirts, wrapped envelope skirts, pencil skirts or asymmetrical skirts, a show stopping statement skirt adds a touch of splendour to any look and gives you a fun way to channel your bold personality.


Statement earrings

The statement earrings exude minimal effort and maximum impact for an extra boost to any simple get up. That is why we love this trend to the moon and back.

Mid driff baring crops

The subtle flash of flesh shows conviction and confidence. It gives a sophisticated edge to the entire outfit, with the right amount of sexy.



Denim was introduced in the 18th century. It remains relevant till this day and age. Your every day go to staple. The perfect foundation for infinite outfits which are available in various forms. Denim can be crafted into skinnies, ripped, boyfriend jeans, dresses, vests, tops, jackets, jumpsuits and the list goes on. Having said that,  the best part about this trend is,denim fabric lasts a lifetime and the more seasoned they get, the more attention grabbing they look.


It functions as a 2 in 1 mullet for your butt according to Urban Dictionary. We all love how we can kill 2 birds with one stone. The best appeal for the skort is it is a cross between a skirt a shorts. Plus, this hybrid fashion piece is perfect for our hot and humid weather all year round.


Gladiator shoes

We must admit, everything looks cooler and more jaw dropping with the bold and trendy gladiators. We love how the gladiators have the ability to elevate the simplest tee and shorts get up or even a simple Little Black or White Dress (everyone’s favourite LBD and LWD)



Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. In this case, we are the beholder and we will take you on our favourite beauty trend adventure that will make you swoon.

The bronze look

The perfect sun kissed tan island girl look gives you a glowing healthy finish. We love this look to bits and baubles as it takes our minds to a paradise island where we soak up the sun and nothing else matters.

Earthy bare minimum look

This is absolutely great for the natural beauty look without much effort. Time is everything to us. This quick and easy look saves us from spending too much time cleaning our faces.

Flaming lips

A fierce, sultry and flirty look that brings out the exciting luscious lips. How iconic and bold, the way we love it. A great way to rock this vivid look which is extremely wearable. Take the chance!

Smoky sensation

The smoky slightly flicked and winged out trend is a statement on its own. It’s definitely bold and adventurous for a night out. We are all about this look as it is an easy pass to amp up any glam outfit. Go turn the heat up!

Drum roll…..and it’s a wrap! We’ve shared the trends we love in 2015. Do you have any interesting ones to share with us? We’d be more than happy to hear them out.


Image Sources: Style Caster, Google,,,, and Harper’s Bazaar

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