5 Ways To Stick To Your Resolutions This Year

5 Ways To Stick To Your Resolutions This Year

Personally, I don’t believe in resolutions cos let’s face it, how many of us have really stuck to one for an entire year? I’ve set resolutions in the past years only to find myself failing to follow through. Having learned from my mistakes, I hope this list will help should you decide to come up with one, if not, some.


1) Set short-term goals

Having one major resolution for an entire year can potentially set you up for failure due to the lack of motivation and timeline. Hence, why not come up with mini resolutions instead with a specific timeline that are more manageable. For example, lose 5 kgs in 3 months; take only one selfie per month (okay, maybe two) for the next 3 months, travel to at least one local destination within the next 3 months.

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2) Be specific

Get down to details with each resolution. For instance, “Get fit for 2016” is rather ambiguous. Instead, list down more specific goals and targets like “Work out for 30 minutes at least twice a week, read at least one book per month or allow yourself only one cheat day per week (be sure to list out what are considered cheat day foods).” You get the drift. The more detailed your resolution is, the less likelihood you’d develop excuses around that resolution.


3) Your goals must be achievable

If your resolutions are too far-fetched, you might give up along the way. They should be achievable, but not too easy. You have to be honest with yourself as to what you’re capable of, challenge yourself and push those boundaries. Don’t sell yourself short!

4) Create a game plan

Once you’ve gotten those specific mini resolutions on lock-down, it’s time to come up with a game plan; how you plan to achieve them. Seek advice if need be, from people around you who may have similar goals or have achieved them in your eyes.

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5) Visualise your success

Write the resolutions down, type them out, print them, draw them or whatever but make sure you put them up so you can see them on a daily basis. It’d be good if you can include what the end goal may look like. Not only does it serve as a reminder but a motivational booster and to keep you in check.

Happy 2016! Cheers to a blessed year ahead with lots of love, joy, good health and positivity. May you have the courage, strength, willpower and discipline to live out your resolutions and achieve your goals!


Image Source: Google and Jon Teo

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