Tips & Tricks to Wearing Stripes

Tips & Tricks to Wearing Stripes

Step in line, ladies for stripes, stripes, stripes!

If you’re a strong believer that horizontal stripes make you look wider and not taller, we’re here to change your mind as we take on this staple trend with you by showing you 15 different looks for an all year round tropical weather.

Here are some tips & tricks to re-up your line game!

A good black and white stripe crop with a staple palazzo pants.

Work your stripes in a casual dress and turn heads with a stripey blazer!

Maxi it up, wear your horizontal stripes with pride.

Be bold and elongate those legs with the striped skinny jeans, get comfortable in either long sleeves or short sleeves slouchy tee. There’s no way you can go wrong with these looks.

Who says stripes are only reserved for casual day time? Here’s the ultimate combination of stripes in a fancy evening gown.

Spice up those closet staples by teaming them up with attention grabbing striped skirts be it thicker tier stripes or a flouncy fit-flare skirt.

Wear your stripes sweater over a crisp white shirt and a simple tank over your peg leg vertical line trousers.

Last but not least, we’re wrapping things up in style and chic mode by pairing your stripes with pattern and solids.

With these 15 looks, there’s no way you can’t set it right with your kind of stripes!

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