What To Do When You’re Not Partying In Vegas

What To Do When You’re Not Partying In Vegas

When you think of Vegas, what are the first few things that come into mind? Bright lights! Casinos! Limos! Parties! Impromptu small chapel weddings! While all those things are true (because that’s usually how Vegas is depicted in movies), we’ve discovered that there’s a whole lot more to Vegas after spending about a week there.

Aside from the 24-hour casinos, restaurants, and crazy wild parties (which btw are all a must-do as well), we’re listing down other activities that you may find interesting, enjoyable and should not miss out on while you’re vacaying in Vegas!

Watch A Cirque-Du-Soleil Show

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There are plenty to choose from while you’re there and if you’ve never seen ONE (we’re talking about the iconic Michael Jackson: ONE), you ought to! Staged at Mandalay Bay, it is advisable to book your tickets online as they usually are sold out due to popular demand especially during the holiday season. The show is absolutely magnificient and if you’re an MJ fan, pretty sure you’d be thrilled to watch the dances and sing along to all the famous tunes of MJ. We’ll stop there to avoid any spoilers. But if you’re not fussed, you could also try your luck at the various Tix4Tonight booths for cheaper same-day show tickets. Catch Zumanity for a good laugh and to appreciate its artistry or Ka, which is highly recommended as well for a good mix of everything.

Take A Stroll Along The Strip

Pretty sure you’re familiar with bar hopping or club hopping but here, we want you to hotel hop! You definitely have watched enough American movies to recognise hotels such as Wynn, The Venetian, Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, Planet Hollywood and so much more! The strip is even more beautiful when the sun goes down and it almost feels like it never goes dark thanks to all the bright colourful lights illuminating from every building. Step into as many hotels as you can as each and every one of them offers a different ambiance, look and feel. Be sure to also catch the fountain show in front of Bellagio for it truly is spectacular!

Experience The Old Strip

Since we’re on the topic of the strip, head over to Freemont Street and experience the old strip. It may not be as fancy as the current one but it offers a very up beat and down to earth vibe. It’s just as vibrant with various street and stage performers. You might even find it more authentic for the area is less touristy compared to the current strip.


Shop At The Premium Outlets

When you’re a tourist in America and you love the American brands, you definitely cannot miss out on the shopping! Of course, there are various shops along the strip but if you’re really looking for a good deal, then the premium outlet is the place to be! There are two located in Vegas; the North Premium Outlet and South Premium Outlet. We’d suggest starting your shopping spree at the North because there are more brands/stores compared to the one at the South. If you ask me, one full day is certainly not enough. So you might want to allocate at least 3 shopping days!


Drive To Hoover Dam And Grand Canyon

This should be done in two separate days and it will be advisable to plan a night stay at Grand Canyon as well. The drive to Hoover Dam should take you only less than hour without traffic from the Vegas strip but heads up, the journey to the North Rim of Grand Canyon may take more than 4 hours! (Hence, the advise to stay the night). There are of course other ways to view the Grand Canyon (via a chopper and I believe the drive to the pad should take half the time, 2 hours or so) thus it really depends on your liking, the amount of time you have and how deep your pocket is. Having said that, the hike at the North Rim of Grand Canyon and the view by foot is said to be much better which makes the long drive and effort worthwhile.

Get Yourself A Souvenir From The Pawn Shop

We’re not talking about just any regular pawn shop but of course, the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop! If you’re a fan of the History Channel show, Pawn Stars then you might geek out on this one. Take note that no videos are allowed in the shop and it is said that they have their recordings of the show every weekday so if you’re lucky, you might just be able to meet the stars of the show, Rick, Corey and “The Old Man” (Richard Benjamin Harrison Jr.) or if you’re luckier, you might even stand a chance to be part of the show! (At least, that was what we were told when we were there) And since you’re already there, you might as well pick up a little something for yourself.


Snap A Pic At The Vegas Sign

To wrap up the list in a tourist fashion (well more like a first timer to Vegas fashion), take a photo at the famous Vegas sign. We’d suggest doing so at night when the lights come on because it’s prettier! Beware though, you may or rather will find others with the same thought in mind so there may be a bit of a queue once you get there. It’s not a formal queue but more like an ethical one so that everyone gets a good unobstructed photo. So yeah, please queue.

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