5 Ways To Stay Sun Smart On Holiday

5 Ways To Stay Sun Smart On Holiday

Ah summer holidays…the breeze moving through your hair, the sun’s warm rays caressing your skin while you nibble on fresh fruit in your cute shorts or flowy dress…can you almost feel it?

Whether you’re exploring the city sights or lounging by the beach with a cool drink in your hand, it’s super important to look after our skin while we have our fun in the sun.

Here are the Megsmesh team’s 5 essential items to staying sun-smart in the heat of summer.

Sunblock is one of the most important pieces in your beauty arsenal so putting on sunblock is a must, even if you’re not going into direct sunlight. Sunblock has come a long way from that sticky white liquid that just doesn’t seem to rub off. Our favourites include Belif UV Protector Fresh Sunscreen which moisturises as well as protects skin, Sunplay Sun Protection for its super high waterproof protection (SPF130!) and Nivea Sun Protect Water Gel for that ultimate non-sticky feeling. Even most BB creams and foundations have SPF protection, so there’s really no excuse!

Sunblock protects your skin from harmful UV rays which can cause skin cancer, so definitely slather it on! Also don’t forget to keep reapplying as you’ll inevitably sweat it away throughout the day. Trust us, your skin will thank you for it in the long run.


Those bright UV rays are also damaging to your sensitive eyes so make sure you have your favourite sunglasses to hand. These days, you can get affordable sunnies from Topshop or Lovisa which look super fashionable but don’t burn a hole in your wallet. Typically, fashion sunnies block only about 70% of UV rays. So if you can, invest in a proper UV-blocking pair and you’ll wear them for years to come. Some of our favourite brands include Ray-Ban and Paul & Joe.


We often forget that our scalp is still skin that we need to protect! That’s where the roots of our hair grow out from so we want to make sure the moisture remains in our hair (as dry hair falls out!). Since it’s not practical to put sunblock on our scalp (it’s also a bit gross), the next best thing is a hat. Wide brimmed ones kill 2 birds with 1 stone and protect your neck, ears and shoulders as well, all places that burn easily. ASOS is our go-to website to grab a soft straw hat for that lovely Bohemian style or a snapback to complete a sporty look.

Shawl or scarf

It seems a little counter-intuitive to carry another layer when it’s boiling outside. But that additional layer of protection could be the difference between your skin getting that nice healthy glow rather than turning lobster red and peeling. Lightweight summer shawls or scarfs don’t add weight to your bag and you can just throw them on when you’re feeling the sun’s biting sting. Plus, it adds that dramatic ‘swoosh’ to your photos.

After-sun repair

This is a helpful step that most of us forgo when we’re back at home and out of the sun. Our skin has lost lots of moisture which we need to replenish so try Nature Republic’s Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera Gel or Nivea Sun In-Shower Refreshing After Sun Lotion to lock that newly replenished moisture in our skin.

TIP: If you prefer an all-natural remedy, freshly cut aloe vera works wonders to ease that sunburnt sting and prevent your skin from painful cracking. Pop the whole leaf into the fridge first for that extra cooling feeling. Once it’s chilled, slice off the sides and down the middle to expose the gooey middle bit then slather it all over your skin.

If all that sounds like too much of a hassle, take a look at this lady who has spent too much time baking in the sun…

Now go put some sunscreen on 😉

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