5 Ways To Look Fresh After Sleepless Nights

5 Ways To Look Fresh After Sleepless Nights

“You look tired” is simply a nice way of someone telling you, “You look like crap”. Everyone gets a little tired and drained sometimes. It’s perfectly normal. But is it possible to look visibly well rested on the outside despite how insanely tired you truly feel on the inside?

Let’s delve into some tips and tricks to mask that exhaustion.


1. Hair and Facial – Treat yourself to a good ol’ hairwash and quick blow dry. Tame that mane and wear your crowning glory with pride. Opt to put your hair in a clean, simple bun or pony. The hair up look will give you a lift and perk you up. As for your million dollar face, nourish and hydrate your skin with a good facial because it helps plump up that tired skin.


2. Eye cream –  A good eye cream really serves up any sagging eye bags and fine lines. Having said that, the belif eye cream is a bona fide treasure! True to its brand’s promises.It reduces puffiness and you can almost witness the results in a jiffy. Black dark rings look extremely cute on pandas but not you! Now you can say good bye to your panda eyes,raccoon eyes and dark rings


3. Concealer – Apply the right amount of concealer on areas like under the eyes and blend it evenly on any blemishes. This will help brighten your complexion and provide freshness to your face.


4. Workout – Get moving and do a short burst of exercise. Your body may be too drained to lift a finger that is why a  light cardio like a 10 minute brisk walk or jog, some stretching and jumping jacks are enough to keep you alert and greatly encouraged. It also provides your body that jolt of adrenaline to boost your strength, keep you afloat and fresh.


5. Fluids and Diet – Keep hydrated at all times. Water and juices keep you rejuvenated and gradually moisturize your skin and flush out impurities. So drink up! You are also as good as what you eat. Load up on fresh vegetables and fruits. Freshness is truly vital. Avoid frozen foods that  are packed with preservatives and salts. Fried food are not ideal too as they will cause more damage than good in the long run.

No matter how you feel, with the right amount of effort, anything is possible. As the saying goes “Nothing is ever impossible with a willing heart”  Beat the exhaustion and be stronger than your excuses! You got this!

photos via Jon Teo

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  • Dave Dally

    If you become sleep deprived, you can eventually make up for lost sleep, but you can’t do it in one night. You can catch up gradually over a few nights.

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